by Townhouses

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Around this time last year we decided to change our sound in favor of something that better reflected who our influences are and more importantly, the type of music we want to play. This is the end result and we couldn't be more proud with how it turned out. We hope you enjoy it.


released May 21, 2013

Eric Chorpenning - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Wilson - Guitar, Vocals
Spencer Corrigan - Drums
Karl Von Bueren - Bass

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Trevor Leonard

Lyrics in Tracks 1 and 2 by Eric Chorpenning
Lyrics in Track 4 by Ryan Wilson
Lyrics in 'To The Lost' by Eric Chorpenning and Ryan Wilson

We would like to thank Trevor Leonard, Verna and Jeff Chorpenning, our families, Cody Oliver, Ralph Clayton, Samuel Ronen, Chrome, Chipotle, Taco Bell and Boy Meets World



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Townhouses Pennsylvania

A band from Bucks County

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Track Name: The City Has Claimed You
The season was barely here at all
Our shadows refuse to go when it's the final leaving call
And I know you and I will seek our selfish revenge
Only to grow tired, give in and make amends

You were barely here at all
When the argument is dead and there's no point to prove at all
And you know the length of your leave has me tossing in my bed
Wide awake, kicking off the sheets with a weighted heavy head

It's taking it's toll on my body
As change trickles down to doubt
It's sinking in
This fucking feeling
Persisting with no end

How does it end?
When will it end?
All that I ever wanted was some sort of constant
Yet it's stagnance
I'm staring at
When I'm forced to face these familiar frames
Track Name: Crucial Steps
I can't think of a time
In the past two months that this hasn't been on my mind
I'm losing sleep and counting sheep is futile
And the words you said have got me thinking:

"Where did I go?"
"I don't care.
But I think you've taken steps backwards trying to get to where
All your days aren't more or less the same
With little to no gain."

And this is so fucked
There's no joy in any word I say
And all the while
I'll shoulder all this blame

There's no moral compass to keep us pointed straight
In the right direction to a healthy mental state
And all of this confuses only leads us to decisions we'll regret
Yet we're content to stay upset

And all at once
I can't help but to think
If this space is the right thing that we'll need
And all at once I can't help but to think

You signed that letter: "I love you forever."
But we both know that you could do much better
Track Name: To The Lost
Your words of wisdom weigh heavy everyday
Seldom said they stick in my head and repeat
Like a brick thrown into my room
The windows smashed and the walls still bruised

Don't tell me she left us; it only makes this harder
Don't tell me she left us; It only makes this harder

And I was nothing more than a crutch
And when she gave up on love she said life was just too much
And I can still see your scars
They're nothing more than the mirror images of the ones left on my heart
Her voice was rough
And her hands were soft to the touch
Track Name: Keepsakes
I haven't felt sorry for anyone until I felt sorry for you
The self pity is getting old just like you often do

I don't know who you are anymore

I know your delayed reaction corresponds to a physical attraction
It kills me to act like this but I brought it on myself

Don't try to say that you are sorry
Cause you never could be
Anything more than who you are
And you're not sorry

There's a hole in your backyard that I've digging
To bury myself and lay my soul to rest