by Townhouses

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We recorded this EP within a couple weeks span with our friend Conor at his studio in Lansdale called Train Town Recordings.



released January 1, 2014

A huge thank you goes out to Conor and Train Town Recordings. Overall, a great place to go record. The whole recording experience was really laid back and we couldn't have been more pleased with how this EP turned out.




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Townhouses Pennsylvania

A band from Bucks County

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Track Name: Snowbluff
Unravel your tongue
Speak your mind to me
No hesitation anymore
No, there's not one single need
When for years the silence was broken in only momentary trends
To try to piece back together what just wouldn't seem to mend

Again and again
We licked our wounds
Ached from the bending of our fragile states that led us to our estranged ways too soon

I'm no longer rooted in this home
The victim of a worn down host
When in passing if I ask you how you've been
You'll reply behind a veneer that's paper thin
But I will be the first one to say
Hope you find solace in the shade where you lay
Track Name: Mossenstone
As if I could've rearranged the reason why you left
With one swift motion you gave new meaning to how we met
And picked your aching bones up to place them somewhere else
Cause you were begging for a difference other than the stagnance that you felt

I'm trying to sink all my sorrow so I can erase this past year
You're trying to air your grievances so you can get over old fears

Cause I know it's easiest that way
To dig a grave for all this dead weight
And when you open up the door
It's only me who's in your way
Blocking all your hopes in dreams
Aiding in your decay

Though you find yourself in the concrete city
You find yourself alone and reminiscing
About how on days like these the breeze would sing your name
And how in the car that night you left I asked you to stay
But we are bound to our endeavors
It's time to end this siege together
Track Name: Macclesfield
So call again and try to make amends
I'll still be here smiling at the thought of you failing

And I refuse to believe that all that we had was all that we were meant to be
Well lately that's the way it seems
But what gives you the right to base this on an end?
When you never even gave it a chance to begin

So I'll drink myself stupid while you drink yourself to sleep
In your bed with someone who doesn't care as much as me
Obviously, you didn't care as much as me